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Welcome to my blog.
Respect my post, And i'll respect you. Credits to :Beverly Anne Marie Quek (:

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March 2008
June 2008

Saturday, June 7, 2008

spot me.
Beverly here.
i'm helping Naomi to post,
cause i feel like it.
so yeah.
be grateful.
1:05 AM

talked on the phone till like 4.15am??
yea..aldren when to sleep..beverly and me was talking..
hmm..woke up about 12.30pm?yea..
realised that colin was in our house!IN MY ROOM!
i kicked him!!hahaha!!!

watched part of 21 with my sister,him and colin..
then packed everything for sports club..
took two buses there..
went there to play badminton..for THREE hours!!!
GOSH!!i mean!!3 hours!!LoL
my two cousins came then continued playing..

after the 3 hours...we decided to swim..
yea..so when into the pool...played with water!haha!
then showered and took a bus to block 85 for dinner!
my cousins and my sister had porriage(i dunno how to spell)
i had HOR FUN!!!hahahaha!!!
then came home...took my psp out from my bag..
turned it on and GUESS WHAT!!
i found out that my screen cracked again!!!
BLOODY SHIT!!dame pissed laaa!!
my dad doesnt wanna repair it for me anymore..
he said he wants to sell it off!!!GOSH!!

yea..then i came online and started talking to beverly..
then she got an idea of putting all the funny and annoying chat logs on..
hahah!!!dame FUN!!!hahaha!!!but dame alot to put!!hahah!
then played speedpool with her...she won me twice and i won her once!
DAME she's good!!!i swear!!haha!

i dunno what to say so i'll zip it for now!!
12:54 AM
Friday, June 6, 2008

WOAH!!guess what!!
i have not been blogging for three months!!
that's fricking long yo!!hahaha!!
june holidays now..so darn bloody BORING if you ask me..
hmmm..first week of holidays i went KL and malacca with my parents..
new clothes!!new shoes!!new rubix cube!!new everything!!!
i left on monday came back on friday late night..
conferenced for a while..then was on the phone after we hanged up..
i cut and rebonded my hair..WOAH..i cut bangs..HAHA!!
i when for ballet with denise on saturday then walked to parkway to slack till her dad came..
met my sister at home the left to tm..she bought for me GREY LENSES!!HAHA
then set off to meet dt for mass..LoL
sunday:got up and went to trinity with my sister and her friends for mass..
took the bus after that to my grandma's house..
then my mum came..
my uncle wanted to go night safari cause his gf was down from aussie with him..
so i also when with my mum and aunty..
so dame cute all the animals!!!HAHA!!
wednesday i followed primavera gals and my mum to snow city and science centre!!
the tiny ones all clinging on to me!!hahaha..going with them to bird park and zoo next week.
cant wait!!HAHAHA!!
stayed at home from then..
kaye..i think that that's all im gonna say for now..
12:29 AM
Thursday, March 27, 2008

wasnt blogging for some time..
dont know what to type..
very bored..home alone..
family left home without me when i was sleeping..

my dog infront of me..bitting her paw..
the whole house feels dead luhh..
my maid and grandpa sleeping already..
so early!!pfft..i got no damn dinner..
i think my parents will buy for me..

woke up..when to skool...
had sports captain meeting for 2.4 run..
franziska wanted to talk to me so badly!!
she wanted to talk to me in class when i was changing!
damn gurl!WRONG TIME!!
jessica and me sitting right at the back..not listening of course...
today was just damn tiring...
damn excited abt camp on saturday!!but...
cant wait to see eliz!!!!have not seen her for so long!!!
i failed ms zarina's test..like usual..

after skool i went bedok interchange with jessica and ashley..
wanted to go to a shop which CLOSED DOWN!!!
nvm...we went KFC...took away our food to bring back to my house..
starting raining like crap..
went to watch a bit of step 2...then i changed the disc to the bee movie!!HAHA!!
then they left...

i was so tired..i went to sleep..hehehe
woke up and no one was home!!DAMN!!

kya...i think that's all im gonna say now...

damn im addicted to my PSP..
9:00 PM
Friday, March 14, 2008

woke up...
knew that its was gonna be a boring dae..
played my psp and talked to ashley like almost the whole after noon
mum & dad when to work...
brother and maid when to hospital to visit my grandpa...
sister going out..

nothiing to do...only use computer and have movie magic..
haha...started with step up then norbit then snow buddies then enchanted then stomp the yard..

suppose to go for concert tonight but like no one is going..
stuck at home...have to do homework which i haven't started...
now conferencing with cherly s. and ashley...
2:36 PM

nothing to do..
talking to king kong..
beverly went off line..
no one to talk to...
i irrtating KING KONG...
so fun..
logging in & on of friendster..
going to ppl's blog..
i just realised that KEITH ONG KING KONG is WEIRD!!
i dun plan to sleep soon..
i dun know y buy,yea...
1:55 AM
Thursday, March 13, 2008

today michelle called me at 11.30am,
woke me up from my beauty sleep
just to ask me if i wanted to go Tampines Safra to bowl with bev n her..
well,i called my mum to ask,
she said okayo...i told michelle and,she screamed on the phone.

kay whateva..took a train to tampines to take a cab to safra,
so many peeps waiting for cab when there wasn't any darn cab..
called michelle to fetch me..they came..

bev & mich was fighting for my psp..stupid thing hit my head..

michelle lost her phone in the cab,
stupid taxi driver switched off mich's phone..
damn her man!!
michelle abt to cry..
her darling came...

bev nearly got hitted by a car..
she's alrighty..

i almost slipped infront a million of one hot guys..
so pai seh..

we went bowling..waited like 1 hour or more for the stupid lane..
played 3 games ... saw a small boy named jerry..
OMFG!!he had a bloody ear stud on..
we went gaming after that..play audi..
then left for tm..

i saw louis at tm...LoL!!!
11:35 PM